The Academic Innovation Center: A new venue for innovative methods of teaching and learning

The Academic Innovation Center (AIC) is a high-caliber, groundbreaking resource for experiential learning that, in President Ronald K. Machtley’s words, “will create a forum for what we teach and how we teach it.” The building’s flexible, interactive environment is a living example of Bryant’s entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm for real-world learning.  Within its 48,000 square feet are breakout spaces that inspire design thinking and creative problem solving; tiered classrooms that encourage debate and build critical thinking and communication skills; flat classrooms that support flexible teaching styles that encourage collaboration; and the Innovation Forum. Already, faculty who have developed new ways of teaching in Bello 102 and the Ideation Lab – precursors to the AIC – are reimagining how they will use the new space to help them coach a student’s twitch of creativity into full bloom. Prospective students and their families will start their campus tours at the AIC’s Welcome Center and admission presentation room.

To learn more, please contact:

Edward Magro

Executive Director of Development

(401) 232-6528 |